Theodore Gone...A GOOD Thing?

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With free agency just days away, and the news that Jose Theodore will not be coming back to the team, the Colorado Avalanche now have a HUGE decision to make (like they didn’t have enough on their plates).

Their #1 goaltender is now leaving, but shouldn’t Avs fans be relieved by this news?

Jose Theodore, who cost the Colorado Avalanche $6,000,000 per season, has not lived up to his price. He was traded from Montreal in 2006 to Colorado for David Aebischer. Since the trade, Theodore has struggled to regain his “Hart Trophy” form. He was constantly fighting for his #1 position with back-up Peter Budaj.

It wasn’t until mid-way through last season we saw Jose Theodore improve. When the Avs came down with the injury bug, Theodore kept the team into a playoff position. After a stellar first round against the Minnesota Wild, the bad luck seemed to come back. You can blame it on injury, or the flu, or the Red Wings were just too much... but Jose Theodore and the Avs crumbled.

Talks with GM Francois Giguere and Jose Theodore’s agent broke down late last week, and here we are.

So now what? What are the options for the Avalanche?

They can rely with Peter Budaj. He has been there for years and has posted some good numbers. But inconsistency is a fear. Chances are GM Giguere will go shopping for a #1, or back-up to Budaj.

I think they should go after someone cheap. Why not bring back the man they traded away for Theodore, David Aebischer. There’s no doubt he would love to come back after dreadful seasons in Montreal, Phoenix and even the minors. He also comes at a cheap price of $600,000.

Since the Avs love their nostalgic moments, Marc Denis is also available. He would also be a good cheap option.

With the acquisition of “Abby” or Denis, the Avalanche would have lots of cap space to go after more big star names. I hear something about a Sundin available...