Public Enemy #1 Is Back In The Northwest Division

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The Northwest Division just got a lot more interesting!

Today, the Calgary Flames have signed forward Todd Bertuzzi to a 1 year deal worth $1.95 million. This adds some much needed size and power to the Flames.

This also marks the return of Bertuzzi in the Northwest division. In 2006, he was traded to the Florida Panthers in a deal that sent Roberto Luongo to the Vancouver Canucks. A deal that to this day is called one of the most lop-sided transactions in recent memory.

Since leaving Vancouver, he played for the Detroit Red Wings and last season with the Anaheim Ducks. In 68 games with the Ducks, he recorded 14 goals, 26 assists and 97 penalty minutes.

Could this be a new beginning for the struggling Bertuzzi?

He has not been the same since...the incident. What will go down as one of the worst acts commented on the ice. We all remember it. In 2004 at GM Place in Vancouver, B.C., in a divisional game against the Colorado Avalanche, Todd Bertuzzi sucker-punched Avs forward Steve Moore from behind.

That sucker-punch got Bertuzzi suspended indefinitely, but Steve Moore has not been able to come back to the game he loves since then. Now they are in a bitter legal dispute that also involves former head coach of the Canucks Marc Crawford, and the Vancouver organization.

Now with Bertuzzi in Calgary, back in the Northwest division, we will witness some interesting match-up. Bertuzzi will play against his former team the Vancouver Canucks in divisional games. But most interesting, he will be facing the team he was playing when his career went downhill, The Colorado Avalanche.

Calgary vs. Colorado already has an intense rivalry, but Todd Bertuzzi intensifies this a few notches. He will be playing in Denver for several games.

As an Avs fan, I cannot wait to play the Flames!